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Use this tag for questions about Hudson, a continuous integration tool written in Java, related to using Hudson for topics such as building, testing, and deploying software, etc.

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Jenkins Credentials Manager + Active Choices

I want to access Jenkins Credentials to authenticate with Git before the pipeline script - to fill Active Choices parameter. In the pipeline I simply do it with withCredentials. But during pre-...
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Maven command for Sonarqube analysis

I am planning to build a Maven project in Jenkins. I tried to do some research how to give goals for Maven for doing few steps in one command but cant get understood how to do. What I mean is how ...
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Why has Hudson been renamed to Jenkins? [closed]

There are two similar CI: Hudson and Jenkins. The Jenkins project was forked from Hudson after a dispute with Oracle. Why was it renamed back to Jenkins and what was the dispute about?
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What are the advantages of using Jenkins over Hudson?

Jenkins is a fork of Hudson. What are the benefits/advantages of using Jenkins over Hudson for a small private business?
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