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For questions about immutable servers, which are servers on which no changes can be made.

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Ad-hoc processing on immutable instances [closed]

While this may be marked "opinion-based", I hope that raise some reliable and tested patterns in allowing developers to run tasks on deployed instances. The deployment and operating principles are: ...
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Looking for good books on Immutable Infrastructure

I am looking for the best books on Immutable Infrastructure. I am interested in books on theory and application. Thank you.
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Configuration Management Tools and Rollbacks / Approaching Immutable Infrastructure

I am interested in whether there are any configuration management tools out there that make it easy to roll back. So far it seems that with Ansible, Chef, and Puppet you have to write the roll back ...
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Does Immutable Servers imply no source code updates on the servers?

So once an Immutable Server is in place, nothing should change at all. Or is it only configuration. Are source code updates acceptable on Immutable Servers?
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Monitoring immutable infrastructure virtual machines

Currently I am using the HashiCorp stack (Packer, Terraform) and Ansible, to generate Immutable Infrastructure and Infrastructure as Code. This builds a Virtual Machine from a base image, provisions ...
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How should we automatically rebuild immutable infrastructure when new packages are available?

We're going to be using Terraform to automate our infrastructure deployment and Packer to create the machine images deployed by Terraform. By following immutable infrastructure design principles, we ...
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A comparison of idempotence and immutability

Many in the DevOps apply the cattle-not-pets mentality by implementing immutable infrastructure and redeploying when changes are needed (instead of modifying). Configuration management has a similar ...
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How to support releasing new versions of the code, running in parallel with the last stable release?

I have one service in production (on AWS), which follows the immutable server pattern. Its deployment looks like this: Create a new AMI with Packer. Create a new CloudFormation stack, starting with ...
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What are immutable servers?

There are some questions about immutable servers, such as: How to implement the immutable server pattern without loosing the ability to do post-mortems? What role do Configuration Managment tools ...
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How to implement the immutable server pattern without loosing the ability to do post-mortems?

The immutable server pattern is a deployment discipline favouring the reproducibility of deployments. It is characterised by the fact that “a server that once deployed, is never modified, merely ...
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What role do Configuration Managment tools play in immutable infrastructure?

If I'm using immutable servers/containers, do I need tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, or Salt? Those config management tools are designed to establish a configuration and then maintain it. If I'm ...
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