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For questions about InSpec, a Ruby-based open-source testing framework for testing and auditing applications and infrastructure.

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Inspec errors using

I am running the following command inspec exec -t ssh://[email protected] -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa --sudo And I am getting failures for Check login.defs (4 failed) ...
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Condition to skip a test when running in a container

I'm writing an Inspec profile which has a specific control that I want to skip if the control is running inside a docker container. This looks like: control 'ssh daemon' do impact 'critical' ...
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How to have Kitchen CI run a script on success?

I've got a Chef repo that uses test-kitchen. I have a pretty good battery of tests, and when I run the tests and they're successful, I have a script that does some cleanup and a Berks vendor....
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Inspec tests conditional on OS version

What is the idiomatic way to tell Inspec to run test X on OS version A and test Y on OS version B? I'm aware of the technique of dumping the Chef node object to a JSON file in /tmp but that isn't ...
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How do I run the InSpec using a wrapper profile?

This blog post describes wrapper profiles in detail: At the very end of the post, it references a Git repo that contains an ...
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Why won't InSpec admit that port 5432 is listening inside a PostgreSQL container?

Background I'm trying to test a PostgreSQL container with InSpec 2.1.10, but I cannot get a simple port check to return true, even though Docker, netstat, and psql all report that the port is ...
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