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GitLab CI/CD and building on Mac Mini with M1 Processor - Provision Profile

I followed a guide to setup a simple GitLab runner on my 2020 mac Mini with an M1 processor. Everything builds great except for iOS. My error: Xcode build done. ...
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Integrate iOS Xcode Build Node with Jenkins X + Tekton

We are currently investigating in replacing our old QuickBuild CI setup with a modern cloud-native solution that is integrated into our k8s cluster. Jenkins X with Tekton (without classic Jenkins) ...
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IOS_Command Module - Delayed Prompt Issue (Cisco 3850 - IOS XE)

I'm new to the Ansible world, so I'll do my best to explain everything. If I leave something out or need to clarify, just let me know. So, I've been working on upgrades for various Cisco switches/...
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Mobile CI: Versioning and Tracking Builds in JIRA

We're in process of defining a workflow for mobile builds across multiple developers. We've only had one until recently, so we didn't have to worry too much about tracking simultaneous feature builds ...
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Fastlane Screenshots with Authentication

I'm currently using Fastlane to capture screenshots of my application to be used in both the iOS and Android app store. My problem is that Fastlane is only able to capture the loading screen and the ...
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Hosted CI/CD for iOS that's not in the US?

TL;DR: Do you know of any hosted CI/CD providers for iOS, who have their datacenter/build-boxes in Asia, or at least Europe? (Bonus points if they provide both build and deploy, but build is the MVP.) ...
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Continuous Integration infrastructure for multiple iOS projects

As a iOS developer, I was looking to create a CI and CCQ (= Continuous Code Quality) infrastructure for the iOS projects we have in development so far. We already use Jenkins and SonarQube for almost ...
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