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Bind dedicated ip to docker container in Windows Server 2022

I have a Windows server 2022 host and on it, I launched a docker container running the same Windows server core OS. This server has 2 IPs attached to it and I want one of them to be assigned only to ...
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Why does php-fpm show nginx's IP while they are on different containers?

I am trying to set up an Nginx server for the purpose of load balancing between 4 Php-fpm servers. You can access my docker configuration files from this Github repository. My containers' network ...
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Allow / white list confirmation from internal target

Would it be sensible to use a ping from an internal site to an allow listed IP and detect the return to test that the allow list is working? That would assume there is a ping service at the other end ...
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How can you map DNS/host names to their IPs at scale?

We're trying to look at a fairly large httpd config and find the all the IPs/ports we'd have to allow through a new firewall. Ports are easy, but resolving all the DNS names to the (multiple) IPs they ...
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