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how to choose where to redirect a request depending on the validity of the token?

Is it possible to implement, and if so, how, redirecting a request to different places depending on whether the token in the request header is valid or invalid? For example my configuration: ...
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heap memory snapshot on a kubernetes cluster nodejs

I'm using node.js application on a kubernetes cluster (EKS). When there is a lot of workload on the application it reaches the maximum heap size that is allocated and pods get restarted. I'm looking ...
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GitLab Maintain versions of the code in GitLab CI/CD pipeline for the develop branch

I would like to ensure that code merged via merge request in a GitLab from the feature branch to our develop branch has always a new unique version (gitflow strategy). Version currently stored as the ...
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Single Page Apps and DevOps Pipeline?

I am new to the whole DevOps process. As a software developer with some experience in building single-page applications (SPAs) using Webpack which already takes care of the unit checks, code ...
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Strategy for deploying/hosting javascript-based static websites in containers

This comes up from time to time in several of our dev teams, without us having figured out the "right" way: We use a lot of react-based webapplications that "compile" into static websites that are ...
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