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Which CI/CD tool(s) should a DevOps newbie learn?

I'm new to DevOps and I'm learning that: The adoption of containerization and GitOps have been clear trends Some CI/CD tools (e.g. Jenkins X) are more geared toward this trend than others (e.g. ...
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Integrate iOS Xcode Build Node with Jenkins X + Tekton

We are currently investigating in replacing our old QuickBuild CI setup with a modern cloud-native solution that is integrated into our k8s cluster. Jenkins X with Tekton (without classic Jenkins) ...
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jenkins-x returns error 1 when I try to create a cluster

I'm following this tutorial. I'm running the jenkins-x cli on a aws ec2 instance where I installed kubenetes and jx. I get to the part where I run the command jx create cluster eks --cluster-name=...
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Secure Jenkins X on kubernetes

I have installed Jenkins X on kubernetes. I want to change the default installation and secure the Jenkins url, so that it will be not accessible to the public. Can I change it to some port, or some ...
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Is jenkins-x the successor of jenkins?

I strongly doubt that jenkins-x is the successor of Jenkins. To me it looks like a tool that is able to create a ci/cd pipeline for new apps.
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