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What is the boundary of DevOps engineer job role? [closed]

I will not get into what is DevOps since everyone have their own meaning. But I would like to understand what is the boundary of DevOps engineer. Sometimes people ping me and ask to me that, ...
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What are some effective questions to ask someone who is considering me as their DevOps person?

So these days, DevOps has been reduced to the guy who uses Puppet, tick, he uses Jenkins, tick and so on. What effective questions can I ask to ensure the client and I would be on the same page as to ...
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Does QA in DevOps roles means CI/CD or more?

One of views on DevOps is to say that it combines fileds of Development, Operations and Quality Assurance. Now many DevOps roles have focus either on development with the left shift in terms of ...
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Cloud DB operator responsibilities / common tasks

When I feed a search engine with "DBA tasks responsibilities" lots of hits like "What does a DBA do all day?" and even official Oracle manual entries. With modern automation a lot of those tasks don'...
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Why shouldn't I try to hire a 'DevOps Engineer'?

The idea of having a DevOps Engineer has become quite popular recently, and it seems appealing to just have a person who can slot in and provide many of the benefits of DevOps, as described in the ...
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How to identify yourself on a CV [closed]

So here is your job role: You help in designing common modules that allow other teams to easily deploy their code onto production. This includes Java code, dockerfiles, ansible modules, build ...
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What is the difference between SRE and DevOps?

What is the difference between SRE and DevOps? Site Reliability Engineering and Development Operations seem to overlap a lot in detail. How do I know which group is responsible for what, and how do I ...
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