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Jenkins loads data from json file as choices of parameter does not work properly

I am completely novice at Jenkins, this post Jenkins Plugin:Extended Choice Parameter from JSON file does work for me. I want to load a list of versions from a json file, which name is input.json, and ...
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Unable to input jenkins github credentialID through json file

I have a jenkins job that runs "php ./composer.phar install" and installs required php dependencies from a couple of other git repos that are defined in composer.json file. This job is ...
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How to enable JWT Authentication for Grafana v8.5.22

I've setup Grafana v8.5.22 on Linux Operating System (RHEL) and tried to enable JWT authentication for accessing dashboards with time limit tokens following below process. Generated Public and ...
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Read and parse json file from workspace on slave node

I have a Jenkins job which runs on a slave node on another machine, both master and slave run on windows. The slave node is being run as a windows service. I am unable to read a json file from ...
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S3 bucket policy errors

I have the following bucket policy for Amazon S3, which is giving the following error: Error: Invalid bucket policy syntax. Either it is a JSON syntax error or a Policy error. This is the policy ...
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What software ihandles shipping to ElasticSearch the standard output of a .NET Core web application running in a container?

I have a ballpark idea of how the ELK stack works. I read that by default, standard output is captured and that output will make its way to the Elasticsearch repository. If I post something to stdout, ...
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How to make fast JSON responses (or equivalent) between server app and front-end apps all running on OpenShift?

I have a system with 5 source data stores (mostly PostgreSQL databases) from which, I want to connect them all to containers running on OpenShift: A library of react applications who's components make ...
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How can I pipe jq output

I recently learned about an outstanding little tool, jq that allows you to pipe unformatted JSON output into it and then have that output reformatted and output to the screen in a very nicely ...
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