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Is there a way to exclusively manage multiple ssh keys with differing per-key options using ansible?

Ansible provides a ansible.builtin.authorized_key module which provides a lot of functionality: You can set exclusive: true to delete all other keys. You can set key_options: .... You can list ...
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How to SSH from Jenkins node to Jenkins node safely?

We have a Jenkins Job that builds something on node A and then needs to SCP it to node B. You can just put the SSH keys for node B on Node A, and SCP with an execute shell build step, however I ...
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How do I automate population of known_hosts and authorized_keys?

This is a question that may be easier answered on askubuntu or, perhaps, serverfault, but it arises in the context of automated provisioning, so I figured that it's more appropriate here. I am ...
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docker compose & azure key vault - passing secrets to a container on startup

I am using docker-compose to create 5 containers that run my application. Two containers need credentials retrieve from Azure Key Vault (web.config passwords to access 3rd party service). As I am ...
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Security practice for storing private keys for use by Java Applications [closed]

We have a multi-tiered application hosted on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets composed of: Websites (Sprint Boot) API (Sprint Boot) ForgeRock Access Management (Tomcat) ForgeRock Identity ...
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Running unmanaged Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) in the Cloud

I have to admit to never having asked, or been asked, the question if it is possible to have a Hardware Security Module in a public cloud, by which I mean Google, Amazon or Azure. Has anyone found ...
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