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How to configurate keycloak healthcheck in docker compose?

I need my BFF service to wait for keycloak to be fully launched using condition service_health, and then start its launch. I can't set up a health check for keycloak. When searching for an answer, I ...
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1 answer

Setup keycloak with mysql via docker compose

I've been trying to get keycloak running for a bit now. I had it going using the legacy tag but it seems like bad practice to get started with a legacy version. So I wanted to get the most recent ...
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0 answers

Upload a realm to bitnami/keycloak on helm install

I'm trying to upload a realm to my keycloak deployment via helm using the bitnami/keycloak chart. Here's my values.yaml override file that I'm just using to test: keycloakConfigCli: enabled: true ...
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Setting up Keycloak with Kong v5.1

I found a tutorial how to setup kong with two open source plugins to get keycloak working with kong, but unfortunately it is 2 years old and I ran in troubles. Most of the steps still worked and I was ...
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Creating Keycloak Realm via Ansible

Currently there is no module to create a Keycloak realm with Ansible. There is a PR but it is stucked since half a year or so. So I though, there is a Keycloak REST API (
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