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while installing Kubernetes package related error occur, image attached how i can solve it ? (all ports are open)

Here's an inline link to install kubernetes
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How to deploy an nginx ingress to a kubeadm cluster

I'm attempting to set up my own bare-metal Kubernetes cluster composed of a control plane (VPS and a worker node (VPS Both my VPS are running Ubuntu 22.04 with 2 vCPUs ...
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Kubenetes new Pods/Deployments/Resources stuck in pending state forever without error

I have a local Kubernetes cluster setup using kubeadm. Everything was working fine a few days back but now I've got a strange problem. Whenever I add new resources be it a deployment or pod, it never ...
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containerd: Unable to overwrite sandbox image

System Ubuntu 22.04.01 kubeadm v1.25.4 containerd 1.6.10 Description I'm trying to setup k8s 1.25.4 with a private docker repository and the containerd runtime. I followed the docs to overwrite the ...
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How do I modify the environment variables of a Kubernetes cluster?

I created my cluster through kubeadm. Before the creation of the cluster I set an environment variable ~/.bashsrc. The variable I set is NO_PROXY. When the cluster is created this variable gets picked ...
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kubelet connecting to docker.sock instead of containerd.sock

Kubernetes version: latest Installation method: kubeadm Host OS: debian9 container runtime: containerd Kubelet fails when starting and after inspecting the logs using journalctl -xeu kubelet i see ...
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Failed to install kubernetes on centos

Following the official documentation, I have an error when trying to install kubernetes cluster yum package. I am on Centos 7 using yum. So I run this commands: cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/yum....
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kubeadm init fails when using cri-o

I've been following this doc to deploy kubernetes After launching the "kubeadm init" command and during its ...
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Error from server (Forbidden): error when retrieving current configuration of: Resource: "apps/v1, Resource=deployments",

I integrate the existing kubernetes cluster to the gitlab instance (omnibus). I get the below error in the deployment stage of CI/CD pipeline: Error from server (Forbidden): error when retrieving ...
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How to introduce(join) new worker node to an existing k8s cluster with selective scheduling only

Given a working Kubernetes cluster consisting of a master and some workers. We need to add a node to run a very specific pod and be part of the cluster for networking reasons. Then being largely ...
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