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Can I use Bitnami Helm Chart to deploy Redis Stack?

Background Currently, I am deploying a redis container using the [redislabs/redismod] ( image in the same pod as the application (nodejs). We are utilizing ...
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How to use same terraform code for both kubernetes clusters Oracle (OKE) and AWS (EKS)?

I want to use same terraform code for both kubernetes clusters oracle (OKE) and AWS (EKS) and install the argocd helm chart on it, I given my code below for your reference, now the problem I am facing ...
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Upload a realm to bitnami/keycloak on helm install

I'm trying to upload a realm to my keycloak deployment via helm using the bitnami/keycloak chart. Here's my values.yaml override file that I'm just using to test: keycloakConfigCli: enabled: true ...
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Recommended way to uninstall Istio?

I installed Istio with istioctl and our cluster has multiple Istio control planes. So as part of upgrading to a new Istio version, I want to delete the older version. What is the recommended approach? ...
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kubernetes nginx ingress confusion

I'm trying to get a feel for the Kubernetes Nginx ingress controller. Trying to deploy it to an AKS cluster, however I can't figure out the following. According to Create an ingress controller in ...
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Helm: Long Running Jobs vs Long Running Hooks

I was wondering which would be more appropriate / idiomatic when writing a Helm-Chart: Perform long running operations (such as db-migration) as part of the helm install process via helm hooks and ...
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How to install prometheus elasticsearch exporter by helm?

I installed Prometheus by helm repo add prometheus-community helm repo update helm install kube-prometheus-stack prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-...
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Kubernetes Pod Error - Pod Wont Start Up, No Logs for Debugging, Only Pod Description to work with

I'm deploying Sentry on Kubernetes and the front-end won't start up successfully. The pod has no logs to tell me why that is the case & the description isn't telling me a lot. All other pods are ...
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Helm Charts for deploying a web app with a frontend and 5 microservices

My organization has decided to migrate to kubernetes and we have chosen to leverage eks.My task is to migrate our simple system consisting of a frontend and 5 microservices to the cluster.I want to ...
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How to configure MySQL exporter Helm chart for multiple targets (remote & local)?

I have been trying for a few days to set up a multi-target MySQL exporter (MSE) deployed with Helm inside a k8s cluster. The chart that I am using is the
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Statefulset is creating more pods than expected

I have a simple StatefulSet here that has replicas = 2 but it's creating 4 pods: service-0 service-1 service-bf28b090c-0 service-44adf4asd-0 statefulset.yaml apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: StatefulSet ...
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User Id for securityContext.runAsUser not present in /etc/passwd

I'm reviewing some containers being deployed and have found that the User ID for securityContext.runAsUser is not present in the container's /etc/passwd. securityContext: runAsUser: 10001 # ...
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Aws EKS Prometheus helm failed pod CrashLoopBackOff with log "trigger reload: reload request failed: Post \"\"

I followed the steps here In a nutshell, I installed the Prometheus community helm chart on my ...
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K8S: How to manage incoming traffic for multiple instances of the same app with isolated namespaces and unique subdomains using an Ingress Controller?

I am new to K8S and need help deploying multiple instances of the same app. Each instance needs to be isolated in its own namespace and must have two exposed services (backend and frontend) accessible ...
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Unable to deploy grafana using helm

I'm new to grafana and prometheus, started working on it from last few days. I'm having some issues. I build a new grafana image and I am using the official helm repo to install it. On using the ...
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