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DevOps Roadmap: Underststanding OS Concepts

According to the DevOps Roadmap from, understanding the following OS topics are recommended: Process Management Threads and Concurrency Sockets POSIX Basics Networking Concepts I/O ...
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Kubernetes installation, configuration and verification in a local environment

I am a regular user of Docker since a few years and I have the Docker service installed and running locally on my Win10Pro host. It works well. Now I want to get started with Kubernetes so I used the ...
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Where do I start learning DevOps?

Searching "how to start with devops" didn't really help as, many of them like this and this as well as many others don't really point me in the right way. Every youtube video I have seen so far hasn't ...
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Understand GitLab CI/CD better

Did I understand this correctly, that stages will run in parallel if they have the same name? stages: - build rust-latest: stage: build image: rust:latest script: - apt-get update &&...
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Is there a book only about Ansible (without touching Vagrant, VirtualBox, Docker and virtualization stuff)?

I need a book only about Ansible (without touching Vagrant, VirtualBox, Docker and other above-shell stuff). About 6 months ago I tried reading the Ansible docs but these were totally un-...
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What is the best way to put on a repository for a docker image with multiple tags?

I've seen a lot of repositories with Docker images and I think (correct me if my guessing is wrong) that the projects that handle a docker image with multiple tags can be grouped into three groups: ...
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What are some good Kubernetes training courses? [closed]

I'm looking for Kubernetes training online or in person. What are some good training courses to take?
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How can I become a DevOps Engineer? [closed]

Please suggest me a right path to this DevOps career. From blogs Im not getting a well defined path. What all courses I have to take.
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Start dev with purely docker, or something like vagrant (in a to-be-dockerized application)?

I have a Ruby on Rails application that has been around for a while, and implemented completely classical, so far. Everything is fine; but since the number of environments we are deploying to (testing,...
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What is recommended books reading order offering thought leadership to read on DevOps to go from beginner to expert?

For sure there is partly an opinion question, but many colleagues around me have little knowledge about books offering thought leadership on DevOps. So this thread might be of great convinience.
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What courses would be useful for a DevOps Engineer?

I am a 'DevOps Engineer' based in the UK. I have 2.5/3 years experience in the IT field; starting out as an apprentice now a mid-level engineer learning/practicing Linux/Windows System Administration, ...
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Is there evidence to suggest that the Docker/Hashicorp ecosystem requires a higher calibre of software development engineer?

Our build system at work is a series of Go pipelines with go agents running in docker containers on a docker cluster. It compiles java and runs tests. This is in a financial services institution. We'...
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Looking at a Career jump into DevOps and advice or suggested reading

I've been in various facets of Software development over the past 10+ years. I started in the development side of the Application Lifecycle Management(= ALM) cycle, and more recently I've been working ...
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Which university has a good postgraduate DevOps program?

I am looking for a university that has a good PhD program in theoretical DevOps topics. Especially any program that is trying to advance the beyond Deming's Theory of Profound Knowledge, Goldratt's ...
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