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How can I set let's encrypt certificates with Ansible?

I'm trying to get a let's encrypt certificate for my domain with Ansible. I have been reading this tutorial which is a bit outdated and the Ansible documentation. My playbook is a mix of what I have ...
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Snake bites its tail problem automating configuration of Certbot with Ansible

I have a public web-site with Nginx in front of it. We use free Letsencrypt certificates to set up https. These are acquired and renewed by Certbot program. I want to implement entire servers ...
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Nginx unable to get SSL cert to work

I'm trying to get a kubernetes cluster using the nginx ingress controller and cert manager to get an SSL cert from lets encrypt. Currently is appears the cert has been issued however I am unable to ...
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Unable to configure cert-manager. Wrong status code '403', expected '200'

I', trying to configure a cert-manager in a Baremetal server. I followed this link & this one the k describe challenge get Status: Presented: true ...
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Cert-manager Issuing certificates for ingress in different namespace

I have a k3s installation with cert-manager set up with a cloudflare dns01 solver: apiVersion: kind: Issuer metadata: name: letsencrypt-staging spec: acme: # The ACME server ...
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