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Load balancing between Slurm clusters

What strategy of load balancing in k8s would be recommended between Slurm (think SGE) clusters? The reason I raise this is Slurm has a Pythonic API governing the queuing system. Information can freely ...
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Loadbalancer for the GCP Private Service Connect Endpoints

I have two Private Service Connect Endpoints to connect to a published service in two different regions. I am trying to find if it is possible to have a load balancer on my end to load balance between ...
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Kubernetes Load Balancer error when recreating pod by deployment using nextcloud

I'm trying to create a k8s cluster for a Nextcloud POC. In the first deploy of my cluster, everything looks great. My application was configured and working at localhost:8080, but when I tried to ...
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AWS- How to estimate a server configuration for nginx load balancer?

What kind of parameters can be used to estimate how much memory and the number of CPU cores are required for a load balancer? I have a requirement to setup LB based on Nginx to route the traffic to ...
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How to implement custom HAProxy 404 responses?

My goal is to build custom 404 http error code that will depend on a user's language. I thought that I can use header accept language. I thought about something like this: #creating 2 acls that ...
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AWS ELB Application Load balancer, SSL not working

I've setup an "Application Load balancer" in AWS. It has two Listeners, one on HTTP (port 80) and one on HTTPS (port 443). It also has one target group that with only one FARGATE instance ...
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kubernetes - load balancing where ressources are available [closed]

I would like to know how could I set up a load balancer at the Kubernetes level so my services point to the pods that have more RAM/CPU resources available, and not randomly. It would be co-existing ...
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How can I achieve better load balancing of different systems on a Jenkins?

We have four test machines spread over a Jenkins. We would like to have a better distribution. Example: If machine one is running with a test job, the second job should detect that node one is ...
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After deployment, one Rancher load balanced RESTful app instance returns 404 while other returns results [closed]

I have setup a CI/CD pipeline which triggers builds, packages, and deploys tasks that execute on Gitlab online whenever a Spring boot RESTful service app is checked in. The three stages and tasks run ...
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How to implement the Load Balancing in Openshift ?

I have deployed my application on cloud using Openshift. I tried few blogs but could not find out the best ways to implement the Load Balancing . Please help.
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Multiple Kafka brokers behind a single OpenShift service?

Is it possible to have several brokers behind a single TCP/IP port? I.e., offer a single endpoint for Kafka clients, and having a scalable amount of brokers behind that? In my company, some people ...
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