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logstash with loki, grafana not picking all the kubernetes pod logs

I have setup running some log generator with loki and logstash. Grafana is able to identify the datasource and labels are picking, but the log generator logs are coming under grafana labels. What iam ...
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FIlebeat is not tracking the files in windows

We are using microservices, for the filebeat to work I have made a log file for each service. When testing the filebeat after downloading Zip file on windows it is working fine. The configuration on ...
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How do I troubleshoot a dateparsefailure when using Logstash's date plugin?

I'm getting a date parse failure when trying to parse a log that has the following format: - - [29/Mar/2022:12:41:27 -0400] "some invalid request" 400 226 The event structure ...
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How to monitor ELK using metricbeat on kubernetes (v8 compatible and simple solution)

For probably more than a year there's been a deprecation warning on xpack monitoring in elasticsearch, logstash, kibana etc. saying the built-in monitoring is going to disappear. Since I don't like ...
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Store and analyize logs data from diffenrent application

We have different applications that generate logs intensively, We do a lot of analytics, visualizations, monitoring on these logs. Currently, we are using azure app insights to do the visualization ...
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Why does logstash not output to the correct elasticsearch index with date? [closed]

I have my system running with ElasticSearch 7.0 and Logstash 7.0 on an AWS EC2 machine. In my logstash configuration, I use the default index pattern (as described in outputs plugin): output { ...
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Multiple Logstash Pipelines outputting into same index

I have two Filebeat pipes inputting into Logstash. One parses out log errors that I actually care about from one service while the other takes each line in order to keep track of the health of another ...
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Logstash multiple pipelines going into same index

I'm trying to set up a centralized syslog for multiple log sources. So I have a logstash that has two separate inputs and two separate outputs However for some reason the data from one of the inputs ...
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How effective is ELK than other Monitoring tools?

"ELK" is the acronym for three open source projects: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine. Logstash is a server‑side data processing pipeline that ...
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Is it possible to load balance TLS/SSL based logstash communication to elasticsearch?

if i have filebeat -> logstash -> elasticsearch pipeline with TLS or HTTPS encryption , is it possible to load balance between 2 destination elasticsearch clusters in active-standby ? what i mean is, ...
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Do I use Filebeat, Ingest or Pipelines to get rid of Logstash in my ELK stack?

I'm fairly new to filebeat, ingest, pipelines in ElasticSearch and not sure how they relate. In my old environments we had ELK with some custom grok patterns in a directory on the logstash-shipper to ...
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Where is the modules folder under filebeat to configure as a slave? [closed]

I have installed ElasticSearch, LogStash and Kibana on my master server following the articles: https://www.digitalocean....
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Should I use filebeat or an app-logging module with lumberjack capabilities to collect my logs

I have a pretty basic elk setup which aggregates logs from around 15 VMs that are running various services. All of them have configured filebeat syslog forwarder with a single input in logstash. I ...
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Data sent from Logstash via elastic output plugin not showing in Kibana, but file output plugin works fine - what am I doing wrong?

I have an "ELK stack" configuration and, at first, was doing the standard 'filebeat' syslog feeding from logstash with the elasticsearch output plugin. It worked just fine. Now I have added a TCP ...
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Where is the apache2 filebeat module configured?

I am setting up the Elastic Filebeat beat for the first time. I have followed the guide here, and have got the Apache2 filebeat module up and running, it's connected to my Elastic and the dashboards ...
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Should I use multiple beats input in Logstash?

After some researches around the beats input plugin and specially this rewrite I wonder if I should use only one beat input or multiples to handle multiples entry types. I'll have events coming from ...
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