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For questions about numbers that provide information used for measurement, comparison or tracking of processes.

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Simple metrics of code in Azure Devops

I have just got the responsibility for around 100 different repositories (applications), distributed on about 20 project in Azure DevOps. I want to get some (very) basic metrics on each project: ...
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How to setup open teelemetry statsd receiver to properly aggregate data

I'm considering setting up an open telemetry pipeline that will use open telemetry collector to route metric data to different backends. I'm looking at allowing datadog instrumentation in code to send ...
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Why is an 'average' as a metric favored (over 'latency') in this case?

In a talk on RED method, the presenter defends his use of 'average' by the following comparison with latencies. The linked-to part of the talk written down (non-verbatim and with my formatting): ...
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What are the good metrics to collect for frontend application?

Context: We have some features that rarely calls any backend service and the logic stays in the frontend. Most of the tools we have can calculate SLI/SLO status based on latency and error code return ...
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What are the metrics to consider when doing API performance testing?

I want to establish the benchmark behavior of my API through performance testing. The purpose is to ensure that the product meet or exceed requirements such as: Throughput Response time Stability ...
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How do I measure invisible work?

Full disclosure, I’m not a developer or a DevOps professional so some of the terms I use might not be correct. I’m a product marketer who is trying to learn more about a facet of development work. I’...
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Getting error while trying to communicate with apiserver in kube-state-metrics pod

I am getting error: # kubectl logs kube-state-metrics-fdc49658-g98sl -n monitoring I0523 11:30:25.206556 1 main.go:86] Using default collectors I0523 11:30:25.206766 1 main.go:98] Using ...
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Definition of change failure rate and mean time to recovery DORA metrics

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the Accelerate book and the DORA metrics. As the DORA survey was looking at a wide variety of organisations, teams and cultures all with potentially ...
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Is there a way to make Prometheus to scrape only the metrics which are present in Grafana?

As a customer of Grafna Cloud, I need to minimize the number of DataSeries that are being sent (remote_write) to Grafana Cloud, to avoid being overcharged for metrics that I don't really use. This can ...
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Are there cheaper alternatives to cloud watch logs for creating dash boards?

Iv set up a grafana instance. I want to create dashboards to get metrics on lambda functions but useing cloud watch logs would be expencive. Are there any cheaper alternatives to achive this that ...
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Thanos or Cortex - What handles very large scale (say, hundreds of millions of time series) better?

We're looking at a new metrics solution and are attempting to build it in house. So, my question is: What can scale more effectively / with less pain; Thanos or Cortex? I understand the general ...
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What is the advantage of using Prometheus over ingesting metrics using logs?

I want to setup monitoring on our environment. I am wondering on what are the advantages of using something like Prometheus for making metrics vs. just using something like the ELK stack for creating ...
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Which libraries generate observability metrics for applications in the cluster to prometheus?

I recently read "Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes" by O'reily and it mentions the RED and USE metrics which are a good starting point for gaining better observability into the system, however I'm ...
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Is there an established metric to describe optimal/needed ressources for a specific computational task?

Let's say I have a piece of software which does a computational task that is pretty demanding to either CPU/GPU/RAM/Disk-IO or a combination of those. Then it would be optimal if one has some metric ...
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Identifying a benchmark to compare overall performance of VM virtualization vs hardware

Which performance index is most suitable to find out real performance of your VM limited by sharing and quotas? For example, if you have a physical server with 4 cores and 16 GB RAM, its performance ...
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Jenkins GitHub Organization Metrics [closed]

I am using Jenkins with the GitHub Organization item option. On Jenkins with freestyle projects or others I am able to get build metrics: success, failure, date, node and so forth. On the GitHub ...
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What are the best logging/metrics reporting tools for use with OpenShift?

OpenShift includes EFK and I'm looking into using that or ELK, but there are so many options (found a link with 50+ options) that I'm trying to narrow down. Ideally something free/cheap. What is the ...
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What is the proper term for lead time from commit to deployment?

I know for example following DevOps relevant concepts related to time: MTTR - mean time to recovery Sprint length - fixed agreed time to hand over features to customer (what this specificall implies ...
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Is it possible to create AWS CloudWatch Metric Filters with dimensions? [closed]

CloudWatch Metric Filters are the recommended way to create custom metrics from Lambda functions. Sending the metrics directly from the lambda function to the CloudWatch api is the main alternative, ...
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pre-DevOps deployment metrics challenge

TL;DR, how do you prove devops, specifically deployment automation, improves change failure rates? We're all trying to capture metrics on 'deployment failures' using current (mostly manual) means. ...
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What exactly is the cloud term 'a Firehose'?

I found a Firehose definition from Overview of the Loggregator System Cloud Foundry docs. The Firehose is a WebSocket endpoint that streams all the event data coming from a Cloud Foundry ...
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What is the proper relationship between rollback/rollforward and MTTR metrics?

I'm trying to understand the best way to capture data to start measuring Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) metrics, and I need to wrap my head around how "rollback" impacts MTTR positively or negatively. ...
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What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to measure DevOps?

I am trying to drive good behaviors within a DevOps transformation programme, to support this I am looking at identifying actionable metrics around the operations disciplines: Problem and Incident ...
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What are some methods to measure the ROI for DevOps?

DevOps is complex, and involves many non-deterministic aspects like culture and process. What are some ways to measure DevOps initiatives for success? How do you prove to a business that the ...
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How to model Man, Machine, Measures, and Process in a DevOps world?

In The Phoenix Project when on one of the tours of the plant we're told that each workstation is a combination of Person, Machine, Measurement, and Process. This makes a lot of sense, after all we ...
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What are benefits of using third party app metrics tools versus custom build tools?

With tools like Riemann, New Relic, etc., is there any benefit to building custom app metrics tools for monitoring application health?
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