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How should I separate micro service modules for the message part(posts, reply, private) of a social network?

I have designed different part of social networking system using micro service and I have reached to the message part of the system. Messages can be private messages (maybe a separate module), the ...
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2 answers

How to visualize dynamic microservice architecture running with Consul?

Using Consul, you could allow your teams decentrally deploy and run microservices with dynamic dependencies. It is also possible to list the services: /catalog/service/:service Now, how to assess ...
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How do you monitor Node Micro services running inside of Docker Containers?

This article about "How healthy is your Dockerized application?" explains the trouble with monitoring, but it doesn't provide any good examples of how to actually monitor a microservice inside of the ...
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How to test a cluster of microservices?

I took a look into Server Spec and it says it clearly: Remark: serverspec test suites are meant to be run against a single machine (or docker container). In other words, you should not try to ...
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Ansible playbook for configuring runit to supervise an uberjar?

We are using Ansible 1.9 for deploying Spring Boot microservices. We are using CentOS 6 and the services are packaged as rpms. We intend to configure the executable jar files to be supervised by ...
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