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Migrate repositories from Bitbucket to GitHub

We're starting the process of migrating all of our repositories in Bitbucket on-prem to GitHub Enterprise. I'm struggling to find a tool that'll aid us in moving the repo's and I'm not exactly over ...
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Anyone knows of a migration management tool for storage objects?

I'd like to know if there is a change management system for storage objects like the sqitch tool for RDBMs. I am looking for a tool that allows to declaratively write migrations that can be tracked, ...
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Database schema definition and migration - nothing seems to fit

What I have: A software, that is distributed (via "setup") to many customers, which run it on their own systems or in the cloud. What I need: Define database schema (or model or, but less ...
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Migrating to AWS with Devops [closed]

What are they key stages of migrating to AWS with Devops ? Can anyone list a use case or workflow?
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How to exit Migration purgatory on Travis CI for free/open source project?

My apologies if the title does not make much sense. I'm not sure the name of the limbo I am in. I contribute to several free/open source projects. For example, one of the projects is Wei Dai's Crypto+...
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Migrating from TFVS to GIT using GIT-TFS

We have a large TFS repository which we would like to migrate to git. We are considering using git-tfs for a while, in order for everything to continue working while we migrate. We have large (or ...
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What strategies exist to transition DB Migrations with Stored Procedures to Continuous Delivery?

Our company has broken up most of our large Monolith application into smaller Microservices and we have a clear plan on how to get new services on Kubrenetes into a CI/CD pipeline. However, we still ...
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How to move a containerized application to a different host?

We have a forum application made of two containers: a container for the database, and another one for the bulletin board application itself. Both containers are running on the same host for quite some ...