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How to exit Migration purgatory on Travis CI for free/open source project?

My apologies if the title does not make much sense. I'm not sure the name of the limbo I am in. I contribute to several free/open source projects. For example, one of the projects is Wei Dai's Crypto+...
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How to update GitHub issue commit links after migrating code and issues from another repository?

We are an organization with multiple repositories in GitHub which we are merging into a monorepo. We have no issues with the mechanics of how to do this: Use something similar to the method outlined ...
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From Docker container CPU stat to Kubernetes pod CPU requirement

Say I have 3 containers in a 8 CPU host in GCP and they have had the following CPU% mean usage for the last week: CONTAINER CPU % app1 500% app2 100% app3 50% Now I want to migrate to Kubernetes. ...
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I need to migrate On-prem and AWS environments to Azure Cloud

please advise if my plan order and tooling stack is good: Not sure best practice to migrate Kuberenetes without down time?!?! Existing Infrastructure: • Fortinet Firewall – In AWS and in On-Premise. ...
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