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Questions tagged [monitoring]

For questions about observing, tracking, and recording activities or data to measure progress towards achieving objectives.

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Kubernetes metric or command to show liveness delay time (app startup time)

HTTP Kubernetes liveness and readiness checks are configured as per the documentation. The initialDelaySeconds field tells the kubelet how long it should wait before performing the first liveness / ...
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Monitoring SSRS report server with AppDynamics

I've spent several days trying to figure out how to set up AppDynamics to monitor our SQL Server Reporting Servers, and am encountering the issue where multiple nodes for the same server and ...
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Is there an all-in-one control center software that can be used to manage build and test execution and to visualize test results?

If there are no constraints with regards to other components used in the system at all, do you know a software that can be used as a sort of "cockpit" / control center to visualize test ...
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How to deploy StatsD listening on UDP in kubernetes with external loadbalancer on AWS?

Our goal is to have StatsD deployed on k8s cluster running on AWS. Currently all existing applications using UDP to send StatsD metrics. As we understood from the kubernetes docs and tests we ...
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Gather resource usage by process in a kubernetes cluster

I am searching for a tool similar to Prometheus + Grafana that gather and record resource usage especially memory usage by process-ID or process-name. We have two components that are running ...
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How to get a label value from another metric and add it on prometheus

Suppose a metric is like the following, weblogic_id(domain="name", instance="instance"} Is there any way I can get the domain="name" from that metric and add it to all ...
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Stateful alerts in Grafana

In Grafana, is there any way to make stateful alerts? For example: Make an alert that triggers if there is any significant (say 5σ) deviation from recent historic trends. Make an alert that only ...
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Send failure notification only for a scheduled execution

In Rundeck, how can job failure notifications be sent only for a scheduled executions, not for manually triggered ones? As manual executions are normally monitored specifically by the person running ...
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Configure Azure Container Insights so that metrics are not sent to Log Analytics Workspace?

I want to configure my Container Insights monitoring on my AKS cluster so that only Container Insights logs and not metrics are sent to my log analytics workspace. I still want metrics to be collected ...
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