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Questions tagged [n3dr]

Use this tag if a question is about the Nexus3 Disaster Recovery tool.

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How to properly backup docker repository using n3dr?

I try to use n3dr tool ( to make backup of self hosted docker repository in Nexus 3 OSS. In my nexus 3 oss I have 3 docker repository: docker-repo1 with port 8444 docker-...
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How to use n3dr with nexus 3 servers with self-signed certificates?

Is n3dr compatible with nexus 3 servers that use a self signed certificates? If so, how to access such repositories? ./n3dr-linux repositories -u xxxx -p xxxx-n https://xxxx -a WARN[0000] ~/.n3dr....
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Is it safe to run "Repair - Reconcile component database from blob store job" in Nexus 3

We have a nexus 3.12.1 and its daily storing hundreds of artifacts which are build from Jenkins. The problem is there are too many files present in blob store are not showing in Nexus Console. ...
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Nexus2: How can I get a list of all artifacts from a specific repository via REST API?

I want to get a list (json) of all artifacts in one specific repository via the REST API. I've already tried: curl -X GET http://localhost/nexus/service/local/respositories/<reponame>/...
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How to store docker images in Nexus OSS

The following documentation was found that indicates that: simply create a new docker (hosted) repository as documented in Repository Management The problem is that the format docker seems not ...
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Devops Jenkins nexus integration?

I want to try to upload any set of artifacts from any type of project ( Java, node, PHP, .net, go ). I know that once a developer pushes a code to git, Jenkins should take it and run the test case on ...
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What are known component intelligence tools?

What are available - free and commercial - solutions to create reports about components used in a software project (physically, set of source code repositories), with intelligence on features like ...
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Load balancing Nexus artifact repository

Load balancing Nexus is currently not supported by Sonatype, except by putting a Nexus instance in front of two with smart-proxying enabled or via a newer feature. Still, I gave it a shot, by ...
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