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How to generate a list of every external URL accessed during docker build?

Is there a straight forward way to generate a .txt file containing each URL (or corresponding IP) visited during a docker build process? Example An example list might look like this: # urls.txt https:/...
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Azure routing question

I have a question about how azure organize and see routing. Let's say you have virtual network gateway and this VNG has 4 eBGP peering to different sites. From all of them it learns prefix ...
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How to link containers in a "icc=false" bridge?

I'd like to connect several services with a reverse proxy. But the services can't communicate with each others. I'm using a compose file for each service. I'm trying to use the same external bridge (...
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How can you map DNS/host names to their IPs at scale?

We're trying to look at a fairly large httpd config and find the all the IPs/ports we'd have to allow through a new firewall. Ports are easy, but resolving all the DNS names to the (multiple) IPs they ...