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S3 bucket Events

I'm trying to accomplish the following using some sort of AWS SDK (Python/.NET): On Object Created events in a specific bucket (the object storage is S3 compatible - not AWS S3), send a message to a ...
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3 answers

Alarms management with Elasticsearch and Kibana

I'm working on my first implementation of the Elasticsearch-Logstash-Kibana stack. I have everything working, but now I need to: Set alarms on certain thresholds/events Send notifications on alarms (...
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12 votes
2 answers

How to send notification only in case of job output being non-empty

We are using rundeck to scan logfiles for a service, and take action depending on what is found there. Basically, for each item found, for which a records does not exists, a git repository is ...
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How to get mobile push notifications on Jenkins jobs?

I'd like to receive automatic push notification to my mobile about completed Jenkins jobs and their status (success or failure) in any form. Is it possible?
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