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Dockerhub says Hello World causes CVE-2023-5363 and CVE-2023-5678

Dockerhub says I have the vulnerabilities: CVE-2023-5363 and CVE-2023-5678, which is part of the openssl package. See this image: Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? I've simplified my ...
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Stopped the process after executing npm start / macOS homebrew

I was in the process of creating function components. When I noticed a problem was after I hit save and my terminal never updated me if it was a successful compile... I'll admit I panicked... a little....
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define an ENV in Dockerfile not working

I wrote a Docker file as below. However I define a system variable (which is necessary for NPM build) in many formats and multi where in that file, after creating image and running container I need to ...
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`npm audit` is not returning any vulnerabilities, however dependabot is

In order to force devs to update vulnerabilities more often we wanted to add npm audit to a pre-push hook. We thought this would cut down on the number of dependabot alerts too. However, while ...
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How to upload a file as user input in Github Actions workflow?

I would like to upload .env file to a build in Github Actions. Is there any way I can do it?
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RUN fails while installing Angular on Ubuntu Image

I am trying to create an image for my angular application for running unit and e2e tests. I started from the ubuntu image and then installed the other components. My dockerfile has the following ...
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14 votes
2 answers

Does `npm audit` add any value when using `dependabot`

Context There are multiple ways to scan projects for vulnerabilities. Dependabot can be configured to check repositories for issues, and automatically submits pull requests to resolve. NPM Audit will ...
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Best practise/standard practise for semantic versioning in development

I have a project that looks like this: SOME_MONOREPO, managed by lerna - package-a - package-b - depends on package-a, package-c - package-c - is currently private, so ...
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When to "npm publish" when using git flow

I'm using the following resources as a guide to git flow: git-flow cheatsheet git-flow Using git-flow to automate your git branching workflow However, none of them explicitly mention at what point ...
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Issue installing NPM packages on Jenkins

I have a Jenkins build I am using for a Vue.js application. I am trying to install all dependancies as part of the pipeline and am running into some issues. I've included the below output as well as ...
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npm not found but installed from the shell script file in Dockerfile

I have a following Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:18.04 RUN mkdir app && cd app WORKDIR app/ RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \ software-properties-common \ curl \ sudo ...
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2 answers

How to deploy a ZIP or WAR equivalent (built locally via npm)?

I use NPM to build my web project, and it does so nicely to a little ZIP file. Keeps everything nice and light, and I can easily keep bloat down. My current process is to use an FTP client (Win SCP), ...
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How can container user and host user both have access to same files in volume?

I'm using Docker namespaces in an effort to allow files created within a volume to be arbitrarily read and written to by both the container user and the host user (please let me know if this is even a ...
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How to enable the npm cache in a Jenkins build slave that runs in docker?

I have a Docker image, let's call it frontend.image, that I use for a Jenkins build slave. The Jenkins Docker plugin will spin up a container from this image and build artifacts inside the container. ...
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Force script to fail if "npm install" has network issues

With the current Github outage, I noticed a problem with my packer setup. In a nutshell, I have a packer setup where I call a shell script that looks like this: #!/bin/bash set -e ... npm install ... ...
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