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Azure Devops pipeline to build .NET Framework Artifact multiple projects

I am using Azure DevOps to build and package a .NET csproj with multiple project references. While the MSBuild task successfully compiles the csproj and includes all referenced projects in the bin\...
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How to setup priorities between pipelines that might be triggered simultaneously on Azure DevOps pipelines

I am using Azure devOps to build and deploy my application, and within that application I have a project that is being used by other related applications (let's call it project N). Thus I decided to ...
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Project pipeline not able to access NuGet package from Artifact Feed in different Project

Updated 20th Feb & 21st Feb Summary Not able to find NuGet package from our private feed under Artifacts. Our Azure DevOps environment In Azure, we have our company "space":
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How to create GitHub Actions for unit testing in .NET projects?

Could You help me? I use NUnit framework to test my .NET project. And I want to run my tests via GitHub Actions. What should be included in the assembly of my project? Maybe there are some standard ...
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Problem Restore EF Core 2.1.1 in VSTS, Hosted VS2017

I have a project with Asp.Net Core 2.1.1, so I have to force the runtime to 2.1.1, when I added the EF Core 2.1.1 packages (SqlServer, Design and Tools). Locally the project performs well, however in ...
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Managing branched DLLs in nuget

Our company has a product line and most development happens on the trunk. We had 3 releases slotted back to back with the last one being an update to the first one. the first one is in 3rd party ...
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Is it possible to package an application in a .nupkg when creating an application revision in AWS CodeDeploy?

My build process packages my application in a .nupkg instead of a .zip. Assuming my .nupkg contains a correctly-implemented appspec.yml and is otherwise appropriately bundled, can my deployment ...
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