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An Operating Model is part of a business model that defines how a business will operate, the future state is commonly referred to as a Target Operating Model as it is normal for an organisation to be transitioning towards a new operating model. Use this tag to describe questions that ask questions about as-is or target operating models.

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Is CaaS a thing? [closed]

I often come across charts of application hosting models with a sorting similar to this one: Dedicated → IaaS → CaaS → FaaS → PaaS → SaaS IaaS as machine + operating system FaaS as machine + ...
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is there a standard or common approach to defining Service Level Indicators?

I've come to the point where I am starting to adopt principles from Site Reliability Engineering to operate Cloud Native applications in a modern way. From my reading to date, I have established that ...
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Pros/cons of discontinuing a DevOps workflow?

I'm trying to evaluate whether or not it is a good idea to move away from a devops-style workflow to the traditional dev-then-ops (not sure what you call that). We are a small 5 person department ...
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What processes enable software vendor/supplier management in a DevOps way of working?

Within a traditional separate Development and Operations organisations, procedures and processes are put in place to ensure that relationships between software vendors and suppliers are maintained. ...
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What 'ChatOps' books and resources are available?

We have defined what ChatOps is in the form of the following question: What are ChatOps approach use cases of production infrastructure management?: Practically it means something very different ...
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What is the difference between the traditional Development and Operations Model and Site Reliability Engineering?

"SRE is what happens when you ask a software engineer to design an operations team." – Site Reliability Engineering Since Google's Site Reliability Engineering Book was released, on more than one ...
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What do businesses that employ multiple development teams use to implement DevOps in a structured manner?

Adding DevOps practices to a single development team is a relatively simple proposition as it usually comes down to introducing either people to the team to build up a DevOps, Release Engineering or ...
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What processes or tools enable Segregation of Duties when engineers both deploy and run code?

In highly regulated environments, such as the Financial Services sector, Segregation of Duties is an essential mechanism for avoiding collision amongst individuals with development responsibilities ...
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