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Best practices for managing Github actions + workflows in an organization?

In my organization, we have more than a hundred repos, most of them use their own workflows but also reusable workflows that are located in a designated repo, that also holds all of our self made ...
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Is it common for DevOps engineers to write code for user requirements?

After reading some articles about DevOps, I understand that DevOps engineers do write code. However, it's a bit unclear to me about what kind of code a DevOps engineer write. Assume that there are (...
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Restore Github organization account

Organization's Github account was deleted but there is backup of all the repos on hard disk. So will creating new repo of same names and then pushing the code restore the code base ? (The account was ...
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How to configure a pull request quorum making an organizational constraint?

Consider the following situation. Alice and Anna, Bob and Bart, and finally Eve and Evelyn work on same Git project in three different organizations. How can they configure a quorum for pull ...
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How to install a private managed Kubernetes on-premise?

Where do you start in case you need something like a managed Kubernetes solution to setup a multi-tenant orchestration solution on-premises? Any entity with its own container infrastructure has an ...
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DevOps vs SRE vs Production Support Engineers

DevOps primarily focuses on Delivery Speed and SRE focuses on Reliability in production but where does Production Support Engineers fit who also focuses on production monitoring, alerting, performance,...
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Are CI and CD DevOps team tasks or are these separate professions? [duplicate]

DevOps is about preventing silos and let teams work more together then let them throwing things over the wall. In an ideal situation every individual in a DevOps team is able to create programs, test ...
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