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Ad-hoc processing on immutable instances [closed]

While this may be marked "opinion-based", I hope that raise some reliable and tested patterns in allowing developers to run tasks on deployed instances. The deployment and operating principles are: ...
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Limits of, or preconditions for of Blue-Green deployment?

I find a lot information about the blue green deployment pattern but maybe miss a point. Please help me to understand. Could it be scenarios where you can't successfully duplicate the information ...
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3 answers

What is a difference between a Walking Skeleton and an MVP?

I've recently stumbled upon the "Walking skeleton" term and got a bit confused about the terminology. Is it the same or a variation of a Minimum Viable Product, or how does it relate to MVP in ...
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What is a "Walking Skeleton"?

One of my agile teams has taken an interesting approach in the early stages of their project. Instead of starting the project with a Sprint 0 where they setup code infrastructure and decide on the ...