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Docker performance when running on LVM

It seems that when using overlay2 storage driver, docker is much slower when using a LVM compared to without a LVM (ext4 filesystem in both cases, same machine). Questions: Is this intended/expected? ...
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ElasticSearch synced with DB vs replicated DB for executing slow read queries

To minimize the impact on the performance of the production database, I'd like to execute heavy read queries and reporting-related queries against a replica of the database. These queries are executed ...
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What is the best way to deploy a short living process when you have no machine?

I'm new to devops . I created a converter and want to deploy it . The converter converts a 3D model from a format to another and then you'll be able to visualize the outpout file on the platform and ...
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WordPress in docker compose slow first response

In a VPS I have created a structure using docker where there is an NGINX Proxy Manager to handle the incoming requests and with a docker-compose.yaml I have 5-6 simple sites (no eCommerce) running. My ...
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Huge differences in Windows vs Linux App Service memory usage

We're seeing HUGE differences between Windows app service plan usage and Linux app service plan usage, when both apps are idle. The difference is circa 300mb, which when we're talking a few app ...
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Is there an (evolving) standard technical DevOps envrironments benchmark available and if not what can be benchmarked if anyhow?

For sure it's very hard to say there is an end to end benchmark but maybe there is some part to focus on with the goal to create some comparability between system environments. In a previous question ...
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