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Key Vault managed stored account encryption permissions denied

Trying to amend an existing storage account to add Customer-Managed-Key Rotation to it, using key vault, as per the docs from Terraform and MS. Looks like we've done everything right, but we're just ...
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Create a folder in slave node using Jenkins pipeline groovy script

I have a Jenkins job which runs on a slave node on another machine, both master and slave run on windows. The slave node is being run as a windows service. The main repository has git submodule ...
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Docker mount volume on SELinux enabled server

I'm trying to run Nginx as the docker container on SELinux enabled server with mounted configuration as -v /host/path/nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:Z That works fine till I will deploy updated ...
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What are the best practices for sharing production Postgres access with developers?

We're a small SaaS startup (~10 person team; mostly engineers). We use Postgres on AWS and GCP in production. We have signed contracts with some customers that prohibit us from giving full production ...
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Docker mounts files as uid 1001

I have a Docker image that runs a PHP application. Everything works fine on my machine and the ones of my colleagues. However, some colleagues got a new computer that runs on Ubuntu 20.04 and by ...
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Dockerized node.js and bind mount permission problem

I have an interesting problem with node, docker-compose and local development using bind mounts. I have a bind mount volume, called www-public, owned by my host node user (I created a node user and ...
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Is there a way to tell if an Azure Devops Extension is secure to use?

How do I know that an Azure Devops Extension does not do anything really bad? A company that I know of uses Microsoft's Azure Devops platform to manage its software development. Microsoft also ...
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Add permissions to readers (DevOps Web Portal)

I have a public Azure DevOps project, and I want to allow everyone to add Work Items. However, adding the Readers group as a member of Contributors for the permissions doesn't change anything, and I ...
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Permission denied within mounted volume inside Podman container

I am starting to learn about containers using podman that came with RHEL8.1 (which AFAIK can be used in place of docker), and have the following baby Dockerfile as a learning exercise: # Use Alpine ...
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kubernetes: how to set "top node" and "top pod" permissions?

Hoping for some pointers, I have a question: what role/permissions do I need to bind to a user that has ClusterRole=view in order to let that user use top node and top pod commands in kubectl? My ...
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Assign Directory Read/Write Privileges to Azure Service Principal from the command line?

I am trying to provision a user in Azure Active Directory using Terraform's AzureAD provider. At the top of the azuread_user documentation, it states: NOTE: If you're authenticating using a ...
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1 answer

Provide customers with access to Azure Container Registry

I'm using Azure Container Registry for private Docker images. I want to let around 500 customers pull images and use the Docker V2 HTTP API to read metadata. Service Principals are one way to go ...
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See which Roles contain a GCLOUD Permisson

I'd like to see wich Roles in iam yield a certain permission. In other words, for a given permission (like billing.accounts.updateUsageExportSpec) I want to know a list of Roles, that satisfy this ...
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What is the most common server permission policy for web application deployment?

I have a server with Ubuntu with a web server (Apache or Nginx) running a PHP application. The application consists of the following parts: An executable code that handles HTTP requests (say in the /...
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how to give a user privilege to run Ansible commands or just an specific tag?

for example, I have a tag named 'installagent' and i want to run this command ansible -playbook -i /path agent.yml --tags installagent from another server via ssh on my Ansible server with user '...
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9 votes
5 answers

How do you limit access to the production environment in the company you work for?

In the company I work for, devops engineers (currently only 2 members, who are me and another coworker) are the only people who have access to the production database. So when any other developers ...
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How to change the owner of VOLUME directory in Dockerfile?

I've got the following Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:xenial RUN useradd -d /home/ubuntu -ms /bin/bash -g root -G sudo -p ubuntu ubuntu WORKDIR /home/ubuntu USER ubuntu VOLUME /opt/myvolume Which I built ...
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Permission errors with non-root USER when running on Linux

I have been getting some unexpected failures with the execution of my Docker images when running on my Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS machine. I'm using Docker version 18.02.0-ce (edge), installed from apt. I've ...
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Using docker with users leaves files belonging to the subuid/subgid

Background I wish to make sure all people and automated processes working with my project use the exact same version and environment of some tool which has to do work on the host file system. ...
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Ansible tmp files created with odd permissions

I have an ansible playbook which can be simplified to this: - name: Provision server hosts: all_hosts become: yes ...
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How to restrict filesystem access in Atlassian Bamboo builds?

We have Atlassian Bamboo running on Ubuntu. When a developer is setting up a build, then he or she has the possibility to run shell script tasks. This is useful to run (custom) commands on the ...
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What are the different job permissions possible in Jenkins, and what are the reasons you would use each?

I'd like to understand better job permissions in Jenkins. What type of user permissions can I setup in Jenkins? And when would you use each?
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