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Redefine deployment (Portainer) pvc after node failure

I have a home lab running k3s. NAME STATUS ROLES AGE VERSION k8s-node-001 Ready control-plane,master,worker 302d v1.27.6+k3s1 k8s-node-002 Ready worker ...
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How to set correct mount permissions of Minikube grafana pod

I have a minikube cluster with a grafana pod running in it. I have mounted a directory for grafana to use as a persistant volume to store. minikube mount /var/tmp/minikube-folder1:/folder1 I receive ...
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What is the best option for uploading files to Azure storage in Azure pipeline to use them in persistent volumes for AKS pods?

I want to upload files to Azure storage in Azure pipeline to use them in persistent volumes for AKS pods. What I did: Created a storage account with NFS enabled and created a container in the storage ...
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How to migrate kubernetes PVs and PVCs from one cluster to another?

I have a Kubernetes cluster (v1.16) set up on my servers. Also, I have a Ceph cluster running on a different set of servers and is used in my Kubernetes cluster as a storage class. In order to upgrade ...
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Error with persistent volume on NFS

I'm learning about pv and pvc in Kubernetes, I'm using minikube with one node I run NFS service on my laptop, and exported correctly I can mount the NFS exports inside minikube, run minikube ssh then ...
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K8S + HELM. Create a persistence volume for mysql database

I am using K8S with Helm 3. I am also using MYSQL 5.7 database. How can I create MYSQL pod, that the database will persist (created on first time) after first time the pod is created, and even the pod ...
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Docker cloud hosting with persistent storage

I need to find a cloud provider to host a simple docker service but with a persistent storage attached. I know I can achieve this using GCE (VM + docker + volume mounted from VM) but this looks a bit ...
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How do I use a raw volume with a database on Kubernetes?

I'm trying to figure out how to launch a web application in a Kubernetes cluster on AWS. Right now I'm not certain about a database. I can see that one can use raw block volumes, which are supposedly ...
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Should we deploy Storage Class Per Application OR one Storage Class for All applications?

I am using aws-ebs-csi-driver on k8s for persistent volumes. I came across a scenario where I can create ebs storage class once and then use it across all the statefulsets deployments to create ...
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Update volume size dynamically from inside a POD

I was wondering how I could dynamically create and then mount new volumes from inside a pod ? At runtime ! I have to download a lot of files with very different sizes and would like the storage to ...
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Docker update with persistent storage and 0 downtime

I have a docker container running with persistent storage. When I try to update now I kill the container, and rerun the updated image all over again. I've considered setting up the new container first,...
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Deploying a statefulSet with static volume provisioning but controller insists to use dynamic

I am trying to deploy a statefulSet that will use static volume provisioning (claim existing PVs) based on their label. However, it seems that the persistentvolume-controller is trying to provision ...
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Permission denied within mounted volume inside Podman container

I am starting to learn about containers using podman that came with RHEL8.1 (which AFAIK can be used in place of docker), and have the following baby Dockerfile as a learning exercise: # Use Alpine ...
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Can't get either Postgres permissions or PVC working in AKS

These are pretty much the steps I have followed in order. Basically what is outlined in the documentation: azure-storage-claim.yaml ...
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Will data contained withing Persistent Volume survive cluster deletion?

I have a Kubernetes cluster based on 3 hosts managed via Rancher I've created Persistent Volume on the first host and use it via a claim by a PostgreSQL pod. My app is generating and storing there ...
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Interacting with a Trident container (NetApp) via CLI within a Openshift/Kubernetes cluster?

Background We're currently using NetApps Trident PV (Persistent Volume) orchestrator to dynamically create volumes on our NetApp ONTAP clusters for Pods running within our Openshift/Kubernetes ...
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