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Gitlab : Download artifacts from a job in another child pipeline

I want to download an Artifact in a job present in a Child pipeline from another job present in another Child pipeline part of the same parent-child pipeline hierarchy. I tried with the files below ...
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Why are the outputs variables that I am passing from one job to another showing empty in Azure pipelines?

I have a pipeline with multiple jobs. I would like to send the output that I am setting in a powershell script to another job in the pipeline. I have followed several examples to do this, like: 'https:...
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Queue jenkins job task in azure pipeline won't complete

I have set up an azure devops pipeline with a single task - to queue a jenkins build job. The jenkins job is a parameterised pipeline build. The job queues and runs as expected in Jenkins. I would ...
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How to specify ANY for tags in the yaml file for pipelines

In my pipeline definition, for getting resources from other pipeline, I'd like to define a default tags value to use, such as "release candidate", but allow to select to use any tags or even ...
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Stage Parallelization in Jenkins declarative pipelines

I am trying to get a Jenkins (2.204.2) declarative pipeline to run parallel stages generated into a map on different machines. I am aware it can be done by mixing in the script block and I have done ...
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build pipeline with repository: is it advisable to build both on repo and end server

I am doing a classic build with install (pip/python), lint,test,format on my github repository with github actions, then deploying with ssh (copying the repo on server and deploying with docker/docker-...
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Concourse Pipeline Not Retrieving Configuration Values from AWS Secrets Manager

I'm experiencing an issue where my Concourse pipeline isn't picking up configuration values from AWS Secrets Manager. I have set everything up according to the documentation, ensured the necessary IAM ...
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How to get ConsoleFull Output,changeLog of upstream job along with downstream jobs console full output and changeLog in jenkins pipeline jobs!

Lets say we have Jobs A , B , C ,D and E. Job A triggers Job B ; Job B triggers Job C; Job C triggers Job D;, Job D triggers Job E; When one of the child job fails for example: Job c fails then email ...
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