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Questions tagged [platform-as-a-service]

For questions about Platform as a Service computing (also known as PaaS). Use this tag for questions about terminology, practices and problems related to PaaS. Consider also using the specific provider tags, if available.

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Is there a system which automates everything (OS release, and above) to host websites on?

This is not really a DevOps question but more of a System Automation question (which DevOps covers only a part of, by popular opinion, so I hope it's okay). I feel like some 5 USD IaaS VPS with ...
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3 votes
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How to integrate a platform as a service with configuration management tools?

Is a configuration management tool (Chef/Puppet/Ansible) necessary for managing an application on a PAAS system (Azure app service, Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk)? How would it be utilized? While a tool ...
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What are Deis Workflow Alternatives?

We're looking to build an internal Heroku-like PaaS that supports clustering and a DFS. We found Deis Workflow that seems to do exactly what we're looking for, but the project has since been ...
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What is the best Windows Infrastructure to run Adobe After Effects like AWS Lambda?

I have an app where we allow users to create videos by choosing an AE template and modifying the text, images, etc. We run AE on a windows server which renders the final video. For other scenarios ...
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How frequently do PaaS:VPS agencies upgrade OS_release in comparison to PaaS:shared-webserver?

I know that in a In PaaS:shared-webserver service a user could have the OS of its server environment release_upgraded in 8 or 12 years or so ! For example, I host a few sites on a particular host that ...
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Cloud infrastructure term for services like AWS Sagemaker, Google Colaboratory, Microsoft Azure ML Studio

There are multiple * as a service terms in cloud computing [1, 2], e.g. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform as a Service (PaaS) Software as a Service (SaaS) But when it comes to data-related ...
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How can CaaS, PaaS, and FaaS users know if the operating system of their server environment is of the newest release?

Please consider this chart a moment; it shows the different hosting models common today: From the chart I learn that CaaS, PaaS and FaaS are three hosting-models by which a user can't control the OS ...
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