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For questions about post-mortem analysis, performed after an entity (process, service, system, etc) sustained a failure, typically (but not necessarily) catastrophic - as the name implies.

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Should we name names in a blameless post-mortem/retrospective?

We want our post-mortems to be blameless. Recently someone included this statement in a post-mortem report: On DATE, PERSONMAME did code a fix (link), but forgot to merge it to master It was ...
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How to investigate a main process that has died in a docker container?

Sometimes you have to investigate a container, which is stopped, or a container which after starting up dies very quickly and stops. docker exec -ti <id> bash only works on running containers, ...
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How to communicate queue-based processing delays to non-technical team members?

I am responsible for a set of SQS queue-processing jobs with a scaling policy on the ApproximateNumberOfMessagesVisible CloudWatch metric. These jobs can fail to keep up with the amount of messages ...
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How to implement the immutable server pattern without loosing the ability to do post-mortems?

The immutable server pattern is a deployment discipline favouring the reproducibility of deployments. It is characterised by the fact that “a server that once deployed, is never modified, merely ...
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