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For questions about PostgreSQL, an open-source object-relational database system (RDBMS).

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Docker Postgres images with data

I have a bunch of DB backups used for QA and Integration Testing. From time to time, the schema of these DBs gets updated. I thought of Building Images for each DB instance and commit changes after ...
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in k8s cant load dump db to postgres for init it

I have a k8s cluster for educational purposes. It has postgres one pod, but I can't load or dump db to postgres to initialise it. I added a pv and pvc for /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d and added locate ...
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Postgres initdb does nothing on Windows 2019?

I'm using Ansible to install Postgres 13 on a Windows 2019 machine. I downloaded the binaries from here and unzipped it to C:\PostgreSQL\13\pgsql, and added the path to the system path, all via ...
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Error running PostgreSQL Deployment in Kubernetes: "No such file or directory" for data directory

I am trying to deploy a PostgreSQL database using Kubernetes and encountered an error related to the data directory. Below is my YAML configuration for the Deployment: apiVersion: apps/v1 kind: ...
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Assigning new role to already existing user in RDS

"We have an RDS instance hosted for Aurora PostgreSQL, specifically using the 'db.r5.xlarge' instance type. When we initially set up the RDS instance, a default user named 'rdsadmin' was ...
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psql connection to postgis db in docker -failing all though db is running and accessible

After installing I am not able to connect to the postgis db that's created. I see the following f89d540947ca sourcepole/qwc-demo-db:v2022.09.03 "...
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