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Questions tagged [process]

For questions describing a process, method or a way of doing things in general. An ordered set of steps to be implemented as procedure to follow or in software, governing how an organization solves a particular task, either by an individual contributor, a team or across multiple teams.

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Custom Rule issues in Azure DevOps Services

I'm trying to customise the Scrum process in Azure DevOps to make it fit our needs better. When we had TFS we were able to prevent a Developer from changing the state of a Product Backlog Item from &...
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DevOps & Development Teams Processes, Procedures, Communication & Coordination to ensure tha latest supported technologies are used in development

Like many IT departments, we have numerous Developer teams, and DevOp teams. Recently, our .NET Development Team just completed an application based on .NET 3.1 that took around a year to complete. We ...
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Separation of CI and CD processes

Is it appropriate to keep the DevOps resources in a different repo from the git repos where the project source codes are placed for the execution of DevOps processes? some benefits i expected ...
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How to communicate in a multi-organization spanning project

In DevOps S-Pillar of "CALMS" says that it is also about sharing knowledge. At a present project I am working on, I am sitting at the interface between two organizations together with ...
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What is the optimum number of people in a weekly oncall schedule?

What is the optimum number of people in a typical SRE/DevOps weekly on call schedule? too few people (less than 4) could lead to burnout too many people would lead to members forgetting the ropes of ...
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Is scrum or kanban really useful for SRE teams?

Agile practices like scrum and kanban were primarily designed for software development. Interrupt and unplanned work is a significant component of what most SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) or ...
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Consulting DevOps from the Ops side

Background One of the org units in my company is doing application support for a relatively large client; that is, they're keeping some of their business applications running 24x7, doing anything ...
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Running consul in the background using Chef

I am trying to create a Chef cookbook that will run Hashicorp Consul in the background and will continue with the rest of the recipe and not get hung on starting Consul. I have tried the & method ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to avoid branchageddon with large organisations?

How do you avoid a branchageddon situation when working with large organisations? We work with a number of large financial organisations whose approach is to not take updates to software, but ...
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Software Security Testing in a DevSecOps Pipeline

This is a somewhat general question by design, intended for discussion of process. At my current (and all previous) companies we had issues with releasing insecure software into production. This cut ...
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If a piece of work requires manual testing/QA, do we need to wait until opening PR?

First question here (i'm usually on StackOverflow)...not sure if the right place (if not, please vote to move where it belongs). If we have a dev process using traditional GitFlow approach, what ...
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Check a process is running with Salt Stack?

Is it possible to check if a specific process is running via a Salt State? Looking through Salt Stack documentation and scouring forums I haven't found any way of simply checking if a service is ...
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How to correlate Devops deploy on demand with Agile Sprint Process

I'm not clear how a Sprint which is timed-box to a predetermined length (1/2/3 weeks) fits with a DevOps principle of being able to deploy on demand or as needed. Is deploying to production part of ...
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Pros/cons of discontinuing a DevOps workflow?

I'm trying to evaluate whether or not it is a good idea to move away from a devops-style workflow to the traditional dev-then-ops (not sure what you call that). We are a small 5 person department ...
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Who is this Chaos Monkey and why did he crash my server?

I had a perfect server, it was so pretty and rock solid and so I named it Petra. It was perfect in every way, everything was configured and tuned just right, it had perfect 100% service record and 753 ...
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What are pros and cons of Hackathons on implementing a DevOps culture?

I am curious about the efficacy of using a "hackathon" to focus development early in a new project before moving a more formal DevOps process. Does letting things start out fast and loose to get ...
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How to safeguard Ansible deployment to mitigate accidents?

Recently the Amazon S3 had a major outage in the us-east-1 region. It looks like it was likely caused by a spelling error when running a maintenance playbook in Ansible or a similar tool. You can put ...
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What are ways to mitigate the effects of Mythical Man Month?

Brooks's law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. In his book No Silver Bullet — Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering Frederick Brooks defines the concept of Mythical ...
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What is Value Stream Mapping?

I have heard a lot about Value Stream Mapping and how it can be used to analyse the value stream of manufacturing processes including the process of delivering software. I have never seen it ...
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