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Complete automatic release process (with versioning) on a multibranch pipeline?

We have projects that once in a while need to be released with all the changes already present in the develop branch. Every time we make a new release, we update the code with the new release version ...
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2 answers

Should I give an assessment to DevOps Candidate

We're a software team currently trying to hire a DevOps Engineer. We have an assessment for Software Developer candidates and we're currently evaluating the idea of having an assessment for our ...
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What is the boundary of DevOps engineer job role? [closed]

I will not get into what is DevOps since everyone have their own meaning. But I would like to understand what is the boundary of DevOps engineer. Sometimes people ping me and ask to me that, ...
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How to implement GitLab Flow branching model for microservices?

Recently I’ve been looking into alternatives to the git flow branching model and since I’m already using GitLab, I stumbled upon their own branching model called GitLab flow. I’m currently trying to ...
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Where do you start with hosting the infrastructure for your infrastructure?

So I'm trying to get started with the HashiCorp stack, but the question I keep asking myself, when looking at any of this DevOps infrastructure stuff, is what infrastructure should you be using to ...
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2 answers

what do you think of making fast decisions?

I am trying to convince my fellow workers and management as part of DevOps transformation to adopt "fail fast" in almost everything. Amazon has two principles "bias for action" & "are right a lot" ...
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How should we organize VSTS repositories?

We are a small company with the following systems: External Web Site for pre-customers (already created in ASP.NET Framework), External Mobile Application for customers (in progress in Flutter), ...
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13 votes
6 answers

What are the signs of an understaffed DevOps team?

What are the typical signs and signals of a DevOps team being understaffed? How would you justify/explain a request for a new addition to a team? I would love to keep the question generic, but here ...
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Why a chef is the boss of the kitchen but a fullstack dev is not often the leader of a dev team?

In one another comment here on DevOps SE we read: "Why a chef is the boss of the kitchen but a fullstack dev is not often the leader of a dev team, that's a question for another day" So given ...
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6 answers

Adam Smith vs. fullstack developers - and productivity in DevOps?

By Adam Smith, labour division can make you by 240 times more effective (on example of a pin factory producing pins in 18 steps). Why then are multi-skilled roles are so in demand if this actually ...
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3 answers

How can I ensure consistency between new microservices?

My organisation is experiencing an explosion of microservices. We currently have no formalised way of bootstrapping new projects. I'm finding that a team will come to me with a bug in their deployment ...
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How to generate Code Churn in VSTS?

In this article I noticed that is it possible to generate code churn reports for TFS: I would like to generate the similar report using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). Is that possible and, if so,...
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7 answers

Why should a developer care about Docker?

Generally a developer cares about satisfying business requirements. He / she might have the expertise in a particular stack or a framework. But should he / she make an effort to learn docker and it's ...
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1 answer

Implications of introducing Docker to the development team

We always tend to have a moral implications of certain critical decisions taken for development irrespective of the realisation if the decision is critical or not. Say for example switching an entire ...
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1 answer

What are the responsibilities of a project manager in a DevOps project?

A project in DevOps should logically change the management mechanisms. What are the responsibilities of a project manager in a DevOps project ? Note: A project DevOps of what I understand is a ...
17 votes
5 answers

How to explain devops to non-techy managers?

I'm totally excited about DevOps. I know that DevOps is the methodology that will move us into building an IT infrastructure that will streamline and move our company forward. But how do I sell this ...
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What are ways to mitigate the effects of Mythical Man Month?

Brooks's law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. In his book No Silver Bullet — Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering Frederick Brooks defines the concept of Mythical ...
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What is Value Stream Mapping?

I have heard a lot about Value Stream Mapping and how it can be used to analyse the value stream of manufacturing processes including the process of delivering software. I have never seen it ...