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DevOps & Development Teams Processes, Procedures, Communication & Coordination to ensure tha latest supported technologies are used in development

Like many IT departments, we have numerous Developer teams, and DevOp teams. Recently, our .NET Development Team just completed an application based on .NET 3.1 that took around a year to complete. We ...
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Why is the development of a REST-API Webserver Application with less expected changes after its short term initial build a DevOps project?

I am thinking about setting up a project where a one-year development / built phase of a rest-API Server is planned. Providing an initial version in three months and deploying updates every month ...
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Complete automatic release process (with versioning) on a multibranch pipeline?

We have projects that once in a while need to be released with all the changes already present in the develop branch. Every time we make a new release, we update the code with the new release version ...
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Should I give an assessment to DevOps Candidate

We're a software team currently trying to hire a DevOps Engineer. We have an assessment for Software Developer candidates and we're currently evaluating the idea of having an assessment for our ...
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What is the boundary of DevOps engineer job role? [closed]

I will not get into what is DevOps since everyone have their own meaning. But I would like to understand what is the boundary of DevOps engineer. Sometimes people ping me and ask to me that, ...
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How to implement GitLab Flow branching model for microservices?

Recently I’ve been looking into alternatives to the git flow branching model and since I’m already using GitLab, I stumbled upon their own branching model called GitLab flow. I’m currently trying to ...
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Where do you start with hosting the infrastructure for your infrastructure?

So I'm trying to get started with the HashiCorp stack, but the question I keep asking myself, when looking at any of this DevOps infrastructure stuff, is what infrastructure should you be using to ...
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what do you think of making fast decisions?

I am trying to convince my fellow workers and management as part of DevOps transformation to adopt "fail fast" in almost everything. Amazon has two principles "bias for action" & "are right a lot" ...
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How should we organize VSTS repositories?

We are a small company with the following systems: External Web Site for pre-customers (already created in ASP.NET Framework), External Mobile Application for customers (in progress in Flutter), ...
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What are the signs of an understaffed DevOps team?

What are the typical signs and signals of a DevOps team being understaffed? How would you justify/explain a request for a new addition to a team? I would love to keep the question generic, but here ...
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Why a chef is the boss of the kitchen but a fullstack dev is not often the leader of a dev team?

In one another comment here on DevOps SE we read: "Why a chef is the boss of the kitchen but a fullstack dev is not often the leader of a dev team, that's a question for another day" So given ...
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Adam Smith vs. fullstack developers - and productivity in DevOps?

By Adam Smith, labour division can make you by 240 times more effective (on example of a pin factory producing pins in 18 steps). Why then are multi-skilled roles are so in demand if this actually ...
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How can I ensure consistency between new microservices?

My organisation is experiencing an explosion of microservices. We currently have no formalised way of bootstrapping new projects. I'm finding that a team will come to me with a bug in their deployment ...
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How to generate Code Churn in VSTS? (Azure DevOps)

In this article I noticed that is it possible to generate code churn reports for TFS: I would like to generate the similar report using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). Is that possible and, if so,...
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Why should a developer care about Docker?

Generally a developer cares about satisfying business requirements. He / she might have the expertise in a particular stack or a framework. But should he / she make an effort to learn docker and it's ...
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Implications of introducing Docker to the development team

We always tend to have a moral implications of certain critical decisions taken for development irrespective of the realisation if the decision is critical or not. Say for example switching an entire ...
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What are the responsibilities of a project manager in a DevOps project?

A project in DevOps should logically change the management mechanisms. What are the responsibilities of a project manager in a DevOps project ? Note: A project DevOps of what I understand is a ...
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How to explain devops to non-techy managers?

I'm totally excited about DevOps. I know that DevOps is the methodology that will move us into building an IT infrastructure that will streamline and move our company forward. But how do I sell this ...
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What are ways to mitigate the effects of Mythical Man Month?

Brooks's law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. In his book No Silver Bullet — Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering Frederick Brooks defines the concept of Mythical ...
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What is Value Stream Mapping?

I have heard a lot about Value Stream Mapping and how it can be used to analyse the value stream of manufacturing processes including the process of delivering software. I have never seen it ...
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