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Gitlab CI: How to plot test success rate over time?

I have a project with pipelines that upload junit results. For a given branch I want a chart of test success rate over time to know the overall trend of my project. I read the analytics documentation ...
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Is there an (evolving) standard technical DevOps envrironments benchmark available and if not what can be benchmarked if anyhow?

For sure it's very hard to say there is an end to end benchmark but maybe there is some part to focus on with the goal to create some comparability between system environments. In a previous question ...
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Are there automated quality checking tools for Ops code

In the dev world, we have several tools available to us for automated quality checks. We have unit tests that run on each build, Sonar to check for code quality, metrics being sent to Grafana and ...
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Which CI/CD system do/would space companies like SpaceX use for continuous integration in their devops practice? [closed]

Here is an industry specific question. I have also seen it on Reddit "What is the CI/CD tool at Tesla/SpaceX?" but there is no relevant answer so far. I wonder whether there are, or are ...
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Is there any motivation to achieve SixSigma or similar in DevOps?

According to SixSigma quality level, you would succeed in 0.99966% of all iterations of same process repeated many times. A six sigma process is one in which 99.99966% of all opportunities to ...
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