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Queries in RabbitMQ Federation Multi Region setup for DR

Below is my current setup: RabbitMq cluster of 3 nodes in AWS us-east-1 region across 3 AZs with a load balancer. And I have set up one additional RabbitMq instance in AWS us-west-2 region for DR ...
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0 answers

S3 bucket Events

I'm trying to accomplish the following using some sort of AWS SDK (Python/.NET): On Object Created events in a specific bucket (the object storage is S3 compatible - not AWS S3), send a message to a ...
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0 answers

How to backup all the messages coming to RabbitMQ Queue

I want to create a backup and restore method for all the RabbitMQ messages. I am currently using Kubernetes in Azure but don't know how to set up a backup and restore mechanism for all the RabbitMQ ...
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21 votes
5 answers

docker-compose healthcheck for rabbitMQ

I'm trying to run rabbitMQ using docker-compose, but the service is always starting or unhealthy. rabbit is running fine, so I suspect there is something wrong with my health check. Running the ...
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11 votes
1 answer

How to automatically remove a dead node from RabbitMQ cluster

I am planning to create RabbitMQ cluster using Ansible on AWS VPC with Amazon internal load balancer as the frontend to point connections to it. Any suggestion how to remove a dead node from RabbitMQ ...
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