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Base image can not be fetched within Dockerfile build but can be fetched from shell

Client: Docker Engine - Community Version: 24.0.6 OS: RHEL8 I want to build an existing docker compose project on a new VM. The docker compose project consists of two containers db and web. I have ...
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Handling request based on source ip with traefik in k8s

I have a k8s cluster (three vms on my own hardware; no aws, google cloud, ...) that uses traefik ( as a reverse proxy to address services/deployments in the background. For this I ...
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How to solve `no live upstreams while connecting to upstream` when trying to rproxy jenkins using jwilder/nginx? nginx.1 | 2018/03/04 22:24:54 [error] 102#102: *276 no live upstreams while connecting to upstream, client:, server: jenkins....
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