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Questions tagged [rundeck]

Rundeck is a general purpose coordination tool, used for automation of operating procedures, job scheduling, incident response, self-serve tasks and automated deployments.

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Rundeck Community alternative sugestion

I’m using the Rundeck community version on a VM to mainly run remote scheduled commands. There are many and on several different remote servers and some of them run every minute. The problem I’ve been ...
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Send failure notification only for a scheduled execution

In Rundeck, how can job failure notifications be sent only for a scheduled executions, not for manually triggered ones? As manual executions are normally monitored specifically by the person running ...
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What challenges did you face once you gave devs access to Jenkins jobs?

I am a DevOps engineer at a medium-sized company. Our team is super busy and we have a lot on our plate. Recently we decided to see where we can improve our productivity. One of our main ...
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Rundeck ignoring node

I'm trying execute a job on know node by rundeck server, but when execute it was ignored and job run on server local (Rundeck Server). Anyone went through this situation? Rundeck 3.1.3-20191204 Node ...
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Unable to run AWS CLI commands from Rundeck-No module named botocore.session

From terminal all works fine, botocore is installed Traceback (most recent call last): File "/bin/aws", line 19, in <module> import awscli.clidriver File "/usr/lib/python2.7/...
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How to send notification only in case of job output being non-empty

We are using rundeck to scan logfiles for a service, and take action depending on what is found there. Basically, for each item found, for which a records does not exists, a git repository is ...
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