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What happens if I upload a new version of an object already transitioned to Glacier

I created a bucket with versioning enabled and put 500GB of objects there. I also set a lifecycle policy that transitions the whole bucket to S3 Glacier after 30 days and was already executed. Lets ...
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AWS S3 Versioning Life Cycle Policies

I'm attempting to create a LifeCycle policy in my Versioning enabled S3 bucket that will auto-delete delete markers produced when Users manually delete an object. User removes object (either through ...
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0 answers

S3 bucket Events

I'm trying to accomplish the following using some sort of AWS SDK (Python/.NET): On Object Created events in a specific bucket (the object storage is S3 compatible - not AWS S3), send a message to a ...
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Convert an existing s3 bucket policy into a terraform-managed policy?

I have a large bucket policy historically maintained by hand. I'd like to move it into CI/terraform (for the policy maintenance), but I don't want TF to own the bucket itself. Is there any way to have ...