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Questions tagged [security]

For questions related to IT Security, Information Security or DevSecOps.

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What security loopholes does Istio tackle?

My application consists of four microservices. (hr, salary, stock and employee). Users of the application access the "hr" service using http. To fulfill this request the hr microservice communicates ...
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How to avoid an avalanche of images in Openshift when security patches keep coming in?

Our applications are based on tomcat, strictly speaking on tomcat base s2i image provided by RedHat. This is updated quite frequently, and we need to comply to some regulations and apply the updates. ...
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Permission denied when mounting volume with podman in fedora

I use a docker-compose.yml file to boot my containers. My container mount to a external volume which targets a directory inside my user profile (postgres database files). However, after switching from ...
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Secure boot on vmware workstation

We want to run a non-standard OS (not linux or windows) that boots via secure boot on VMware workstation. We can successfully do this on virtualbox, but want to work out how to do the same in VMWare ...
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how to secure Kong Admin Api?

I'm setting up the Kong gateway manager locally using Docker. the requests will be sent to localhost:8000, and admin will be available in localhost:8002. How can I secure these ports locally when ...
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Why is detect-secrets-hook ignoring my audit selections?

detect-secrets-hook in my pre-commit is alerting on secrets that are already marked as safe to be committed in the baseline. I'm running detect-secrets version 1.4.0 on Python 3.11.0 on Windows 11. To ...
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How to keep packages updated and keep in pace with security updates

In a project with multiple vms that run various applications from Wordpress to Django and various other things. Is there a way or a tool to keep track of the packages that require updates or have ...
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How are containers secured with MACVLAN networks?

Containers cannot be connected both to an internal bridge and to the host network at the same time, according to this question. However, this is what I need; I want a set of containers to be connected ...
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