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For questions about serverless computing (also known as Function as a Service, or FaaS). Use this tag for questions about terminology, practices and problems encountered while implementing serverless. Consider also using the specific provider tag, e.g. [aws-lambda].

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Why SQL inserts are slower in AWS Aurora Serverless than in AWS RDS

We had an AWS MySQL RDS t3.xlarge instance with 2000 IOPS. Also, I have a cron job written in java which inserts data in a table: it can insert up to 12M rows daily. Since AWS RDS cost is quite high ...
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What causes cold start in serverless

I have not found a clear explanation on what causes the cold start in serverless. Could you try to explain it from both commercial and open-source platform's points of view? Commercial platforms such ...
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SQS Error Message: The specified queue does not exist for this wsdl version

I have a Lambda function that is created inside a serverless framework setup. I am trying to pass in a queue url as an ENV variable, when I do that it results in the below error message. I've checked ...
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