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Who is this Chaos Monkey and why did he crash my server?

I had a perfect server, it was so pretty and rock solid and so I named it Petra. It was perfect in every way, everything was configured and tuned just right, it had perfect 100% service record and 753 ...
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What are the pro and cons of SnowFlakes Servers, Phoenix Servers and Immutable Servers?

I'm curious about a matrix like comparison on security/ease of management/forensic ability for each type of server. I may forget some more key features of each type also. I've a general idea about ...
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VM Hosts: Single Large Host or Few Smaller Hosts?

First, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to ask this question. I was wondering if this is a ServerStack or DevOps question. In either case here it goes: I am building a small software shop and I ...
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