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How to pick a right hardware configuration setup(server) for MERN stack

I'm learning programming(MERN stack) and along with that basic DevOps(linux, containers etc). I've read a lot about software configuration setups(with NGINX, and without, etc), but can't find anywhere ...
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How to test production Ansible execution without having to provision target

We use ansible for our day to day operation and so far so good. We have been looking for a way to run local test etc just like chef guys and found molecule that we use with testinfra/vagrant. While I ...
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Infrastructure as code and TDD

Infrastructure as code tells us to use tools that automate your builds. Great. Tools like ansible, chef, puppet, salt stack and others push us towards writing how infrastructure looks like, while ...
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How to login using serverspec using ssh key?

The serverspec doc indicates that it is possible to login using ssh and serverspec: require 'highline/import' if ENV['ASK_LOGIN_PASSWORD'] options[:password] = ask("\nEnter login password: ") { |q|...
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