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For questions about Slack, the chat and collaboration tool, and integrations with DevOps processes, culture and tools.

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Slack upload may have failed. Response: {"ok":false,"error":"invalid_auth"}

Im trying to send slack message with a consolelog file Using dirname=/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/TEST-PIPE-2 and includeMask=jenkins_console_output.txt Adding file /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/TEST-PIPE-...
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Post jenkins console output to slack or email

for freestyle job there is a method for console output to share with slack or jenkins for pipeline we don't have one. help here
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Mention users on Slack for failing builds

Scenario: I have jobs with Jenkinsfiles where I can get the env.BUILD_USER_ID exposed by a Jenkins plugin. So, what I`m planning to do is associating this variable content to the Slack user ID value, ...
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Collaboration tools recommendations like Slack

I started my graduation internship two weeks ago. My assignment is to look for a Slack alternative that'll be able to deploy on-premise. A lot of things need to be automated. I already did some ...
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Heroku Slack integration without using Github

Heroku has this great Slack chatbot (chatops) that lets you send messages if a deployment pipeline succeeded or failed. Unfortunately, while setting it up and logging in to Heroku, it asks for your ...
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Publish pipeline artifact to Slack

I have a pipeline on Azure DevOps that publishes an artifact (releasenotes.txt). It also has integration with Slack using (
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Can I use the Jenkins REST API with user input? [closed]

I want my Jenkins Pipeline to have a user input step where it posts to a slack channel and waits for user input then uses the input to user enters (button in the slack message). So at the input step ...
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post jenkins build console output to slack

I know how to notify build status using the slack notification plugin. I can seeproject - #buildnumber Success after 1 min 18 sec (Open) in my slack channel. But I want the console output to be sent ...
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How to change PagerDuty incident name?

I have AWS Cloudwatch hooked up with PagerDuty. Whenever an alert goes out, it goes to PagerDuty, which then sends us a message in Slack. The problem is, this is what it shows in the chat: ...
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How to include a custom Slack message only on completion?

We're running Jenkins with the Slack Notification Plugin. Is there a way to send the custom message only on completion, not on start? To be clear, I don't want to disable the build started message, I'...
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Pass string to Jenkins job from Slack

In an ideal world our less tech-knowledgeable employees could just use a Slack command to run a job and get the results slacked back to them, negating the use of the Jenkins GUI. I found Start a build ...
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Jenkins Pipeline job; proper quoting for slackSend step

This is probably 100% user error, but I can't get a pipeline job to use a variable as the channel name in a slackSend step. This uses both the Slack plugin and the Build User Vars Plugin. I'm trying ...