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For questions about Slack, the chat and collaboration tool, and integrations with DevOps processes, culture and tools.

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Post jenkins console output to slack or email

for freestyle job there is a method for console output to share with slack or jenkins for pipeline we don't have one. help here
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Mention users on Slack for failing builds

Scenario: I have jobs with Jenkinsfiles where I can get the env.BUILD_USER_ID exposed by a Jenkins plugin. So, what I`m planning to do is associating this variable content to the Slack user ID value, ...
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Slack upload may have failed. Response: {"ok":false,"error":"invalid_auth"}

Im trying to send slack message with a consolelog file Using dirname=/var/lib/jenkins/workspace/TEST-PIPE-2 and includeMask=jenkins_console_output.txt Adding file /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/TEST-PIPE-...
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